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Padded Lap Trays: For Every Generation

Padded lap trays and bean bag lap trays have been around for decades and many people have grown up loving there well used lap tray. There quirky design and novelty gift status means that they have been a household favourite, especially when it comes to eating food in front of the television. With more and more families choosing to eat their dinner in front of the television, it has become a perfect solution to their problem.

Bean bag lap trays in recent years have been often looked on as a quirky gift that the older generation use more http://www.calisons.com/ other people don't need them. This is not the case with millions of people using padded lap trays on a regular basis no matter what their age. Below are just a few reasons why people simply cannot part with their beloved bean bag lap tray.

Lap Tray Dinner Eating

No matter what generation you are part of, everyone needs to eat their dinner at home either with the family of by themselves. If your house struggles in terms of space, lap trays can act perfectly as a living room table as you are able to eat your dinner without having to have a large dining room table to have in your house. There convenient nature means that the padded lap tray can be easily stored away in a cupboard ready for its next use.

Ideal for a Picnic

With the sun shining and the birds singing, summertime is a great opportunity to go out on a picnic in the middle of a park or field. Bean bag lap trays can be a very useful companion to the picnic as you can put plates and glasses on the lap tray, which is ideal for uneven ground. The sturdy wooden top can be easily wiped clean, which is great for the naturally clumsy with food and drink.

Retro status

With grandparents up and down the UK using the lap trays pretty much every day, children, teenagers and adults are turning to these trays as both a practical solution as well as a retro novelty gift. Lap trays have been used in many classic television programmes such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale to also bring the retro feel. The bean bag lap tray designs have been used to incorporate this nostalgic quality as well as targeting both the younger and older generations. Pretty images of cakes and pets are perfect for the older generation with designs of Superman and The Simpsons being used for children.

Hiccup Gifts offer a wide range of both padded lap trays and bean bag lap trays that will be a perfect gift for any member of the family. For more information about our full range of lap trays including Bamboo Sunglasses the Superman padded lap tray and The Simpsons lap tray, please contact our gift experts.

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